CMPX Expo 2024

Mar 20-22, 2024 |
Metro Toronto Convention Center - South Building

VoidForm will be at Booth #830

If you are attending the show and want to setup a meeting, please contact us at

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Have you ever had a broken plumbing pipe that is buried under a concrete slab in your commercial office or in a residential hope? It is a nightmare of a headache, and it will cost many thousands of dollars to fix the problem. If you want to see how we can alleviate the problem with our product PlumbingVoid and how it works to prevent expansive soil from breaking pipes it is a conversation that will benefit you on your future projects.

  • In the booth we will have
    • a display of the PlumbingVoid System
    • Installation procedure of PlumbingVoid
    • Actual jobsite phase of applications
    • A team of experts to answer your questions.


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