CaraCor™ is a cost-effective solution to expansive soil mitigation. Available in specific sizes and strengths, it is ideal for residential and commercial applications where inexpensive, light-duty, and standard-sized material can be utilized. (Only available in Canada.)

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CaraCor™ Carton Forms is easy to handle and creates the necessary void space under concrete structures, thereby protecting them from the costly damage caused by heaving soils.

Product Features

While our other product lines are custom designed and assembled by hand, CaraCor™ is partially machine-made and offered in specific strengths and sizes for a more cost-effective solution for your project.


Each CaraCor™ carton form is comprised of a wax-coated exterior cover containing an interior support network made of corrugated paper elements. CaraCor™ is strong when dry, yet becomes completely non-structural when enough moisture has been absorbed. The wax coating impedes moisture absorption, allowing concrete to set sufficiently.


CaraCor™ was originally established in Canada in 1998 and has become a significantly competitive carton form product in residential and light-commercial concrete projects.


CaraCor™ is offered in most common sizes and strengths. Its lightweight, easy-to-handle pieces are much larger than most, which reduces time and labor costs during installation. They are also easily cross-cut with a handsaw to fit in non-standard lengths.


Aside from a very thin layer of paraffin wax, CaraCor™ is completely biodegradable, unlike carton forms made from expanded polystyrene or metal. In addition, it has a very high recycled content, which helps to earn points on LEED-registered projects.


From start to finish, ordering CaraCor™ is easy! In-house estimators review your project plans and recommend the appropriate components, which are then shipped directly to your job site or yard.

Product Specs

Specialized corrugated paper type that conform to specific applications.


Carton form thicknesses determined by soil PVR (Potential Vertical Rise).


Maximum concrete loads to be supported by area or application.

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