Testing & Engineering

VoidForm Products manufactures several product lines that address specific applications, and we can design a system of components that will completely isolate the concrete from lateral or uplift pressures. We work closely with the design community to find cost-effective solutions, even on a project-by-project basis, while stressing the importance of damage prevention over repair.


The sophisticated testing lab at our Fort Worth plant features two state-of-the-art Emerson Apparatus digital compression-testing machines that record and retain data on peak load at deflection and static load tests. This data allows us to compare strength capacities and performance on an array of products, across multiple configurations.

Our humidity and temperature chamber simulates field conditions that exist under concrete structures. We can control the level of humidity, temperature, and the duration of exposure, as well as create many scenarios for the most accurate performance testing.

Through humidity and compression testing, we can determine whether a sample is strong enough to support the intended load without being so strong that it has the capacity to transfer uplift pressures into the above concrete structure. In addition, our equipment ensures consistent quality control, both for our raw materials and finished goods.

Our testing facility ensures that we can provide materials that are not only cost-effective to the contractor, but that also perform in accordance with the engineer’s design.


Our Process

Upon evaluation of specifications and drawings, VoidForm selects our products to best comply with the engineering requirements on any given project and, if necessary, work together with the engineers to reach agreements on design and performance criteria.

Scheduled product presentations also provide a forum in which we can educate and receive feedback. Through collaboration with engineers, we strive to be proactive on upcoming projects, eliminating the need for cumbersome alterations to the specification and plans that are released for construction.

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