Super Hanger has a corrosion and maintenance-free design that supports plumbing and conduit pipes in a variety of applications from parking garage ceilings to trenched utilities below concrete structures.




Super Hangers work in a broad range of applications to suspend utility lines away from the damaging effects of corrosion and expansive soils.

Product Features
Effective for a broad range of applications

Effective for a broad range of applications including plumbing, HVAC, fire sprinkler systems, and other industrial applications.

Easy to install

Easy to install with lightweight PVC hanger material and fiberglass threaded rods and nuts.

Maintenance-free design

Maintenance-free design is constructed from nonmetallic materials that prevent corrosion and rusting.

Modular system

Modular system accommodates up to 650-pound loads and up to 10-inch pipe diameters.

Product Specs

Super Hanger™ PVC Pipe Hangers

Part NumberPipe SizeHanger SizeRod DimensionDesign Load*
SH002VF2 in4 in3/8 in450 lbs
SH003VF3 in5 in3/8 in450 lbs
SH004VFA4 in8 in1/2 in450 lbs
SH006VF6 in10 in1/2 in650 lbs
SH008VF8 in12 in5/8 in650 lbs
SH010VF10 in14 in5/8 in650 lbs

* Design loads are based on minimum ultimate hanger failure safety ratio of 3:1.

Super Rod™ Fiberglass Threaded Rods

Part NumberRod SizeShear Strength*
TR375VF3/8 in x 8 ft1,250 lbs
TR500VF1/2 in x 8 ft2,200 lbs
TR625VF5/8 in x 8 ft3,100 lbs
TR750VF3/4 in x 8 ft4,500 lbs
TR1000VF1 in x 8 ft6,500 lbs

* Shear strength is based on testing the fiberglass rod with the flange nut.

Super Nut™ Hex Flange Nuts

Part NumberNut Size
FN375VF3/8 in
FN500VF1/2 in
FN625VF5/8 in
FN750VF3/4 in

Threaded Rod Couplers

Part NumberCoupler Size
RC375VF3/8 in
RC500VF1/2 in
RC625VF5/8 in
RC750VF3/4 in

Super Hanger is a trademark of Lee Composite, Inc.

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