VoidForm KnockDown

VF Knock-Down™ has served the construction industry for nearly 20 years as an innovative, high-performing, and cost-competitive carton form. FloorVoid® and BeamVoid® products have protected thousands of concrete foundations, preventing the costly damage caused by underlying expansive soils. VF Knock-Down™ is available in a flat or “knock-down” (KD) configuration for cost-effective shipment to any location in the world. (Only available in Canada.)

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Product Features

We manufacture millions of square feet of carton form every year for thousands of projects across the U.S. and Canada.


Every purchase of VF Knock-Down™ products is an investment in decades of experience and design. We have been involved in and loved by the concrete industry since the 1960s.


VF Knock-Down is a flat-stock carton form product that offers the best shipping cost per square foot when compared to traditional, pre-manufactured carton forms.


VF Knock-Down™ is delivered consistently and neatly bundled, allowing for efficient utilization of costly container space or other on-site dry storage.

On Demand

Rather than having to wait for production and delivery lead-times between pours, your VF Knock-Down™ material is on-site and can be assembled on demand.


Assembly instructions are easy to follow and master with repetition. The unique design allows each VF Knock-Down™ piece to be assembled in about a minute. No additional tools are needed.


VF Knock-Down™ pieces are large but manageably cover the areas to be voided. A hardboard covering helps to distribute the working load evenly and ensures that the carton form material is safe from puncture.


Each piece of VF Knock-Down™ is designed for on-site cutting and modification as needed, maintaining its structural integrity under rough handling. Our knock-down material can be complemented by preassembled, cut-to-fit pieces that are reinforced and sealed to surround drilled piers.


From start to finish, ordering VF Knock-Down™ is easy! In-house estimators review your project plans and recommend the appropriate products, which are then shipped directly to your jobsite or yard for offloading into dry storage, ready for assembly.

Product Specs

Specialized corrugated paper types that conform to specific applications.


Carton form thicknesses determined by soil PVR (Potential Vertical Rise).


Maximum concrete loads to be supported by area or application.

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