StormVoid is a carton form product with thin, flexible plastic interior supports that are impervious to moisture. It supports fresh concrete under beams, walls, and slabs and is ideal for use in wet soil conditions during periods of inclement weather. Watch the 2-minute video

StormVoid in Use
StormVoid onsite

StormVoid uniformly supports imposed concrete loads while creating a permanent void space under commercial or residential structures that are built on expansive soils. When unexpected weather would otherwise prevent the installation of traditional corrugated paper carton forms, StormVoid can be utilized with confidence.

Product Features
Eliminates Costly Damage

Eliminates costly damage that may be caused by uplift pressures by creating a void space between newly placed structural concrete and underlying expansive soils.

Handles and Installs Easily

With its wax-coated exterior and a waterproof interior support network, StormVoid handles and installs easily as a complete, assembled, lightweight unit.

Supports Specific Loads

Supports specific loads imposed by newly placed concrete and steel when positioned on stable soil, even if it is submerged in water.

Product Specs

Wrap: Moisture resistant exterior paper sheet, overlapped or tucked and secured with staples
Interior: Waterproof, fluted polypropylene plastic
End Caps: Waterproof, fluted polypropylene plastic (not included in StormVoid Slab)


Beam: To be placed under vertical walls and beams, typically 2' to 10' tall
Slab: To be placed under structural slabs, typically 6" to 60" thick

StormVoid is designed to support specific weights of wet concrete and construction loads during the set period. Contact us for weight tables.


Height: ~ 4" to 12" (can be stacked to create additional height with a StormCover Sheet between layers)
Width: ~ 6" to 30" (can be positioned side-by-side for beams wider than 30")
Length: ~ 60"

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