StormVoid® is a carton form product with thin, flexible plastic interior supports that are impervious to moisture. It supports fresh concrete under beams, walls, and slabs and is ideal for use in wet soil conditions during periods of inclement weather.

StormVoid in Use
StormVoid onsite

StormVoid® uniformly supports imposed concrete loads while creating a permanent void space under commercial or residential structures that are built on expansive soils. When unexpected weather would otherwise prevent the installation of traditional corrugated paper carton forms, StormVoid® can be utilized with confidence.

Product Features

StormVoid® is designed to support liquid concrete construction when job site conditions are extremely wet. It is the perfect product to install when concerned about heavy precipitation in the forecast.

Peace of Mind

StormVoid® eliminates the fear of having to replace large amounts of corrugated paper carton forms that have been saturated by a sudden downpour. It will perform as designed and eliminate project delays and additional expenses that can occur with carton form replacement.

There When You Need It

With multiple locations that manufacture a full line of StormVoid® sizes and strengths, we can supply any urgent need. In the face of unexpected weather, it can be shipped or delivered directly to your yard or job location within a few days of ordering.

Designed to Perform

The plastic interior network of StormVoid® is designed to support specific weight loads under fresh concrete and steel, bending before uplifting soil pressure can apply damaging stress to the concrete structure above.


Enduring years of rigorous design and testing protocols, StormVoid® has become the favorite of many concrete contractors when inclement weather threatens.


From start to finish, ordering StormVoid® is easy! In-house estimators review your project plans and recommend the appropriate components, which are then delivered directly to your jobsite or yard to be unloaded or in dry trailers for on-site storage.

Pre-Manufactured Systems

Each important component of the StormVoid® system arrives pre-manufactured, factory-glued, and stapled. Easy to handle and correctly position, StormVoid® can be installed immediately upon delivery without the need for field modifications that require dangerous tools and mandatory protective gear.


StormVoid® is lightweight, manageable, and easy to install. As with our other carton form product lines, we provide custom, pre-manufactured units with holes already cut, reinforced, and sealed to surround drilled piers, ensuring easy installation!

Product Specs

Plastic interior supports in lieu of corrugated paper or other materials


Required components that eliminate field-cutting around drilled piers


Carton form thicknesses determined by soil PVR (Potential Vertical Rise)


Maximum concrete loads to be supported by area or application

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