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VoidForm products are built to protect your structure from soil expansion. With multiple product systems designed to create void space under structural concrete, you can safeguard your project against costly damage.

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What Are Void Construction Materials?

Each is designed to either protect the concrete structure above or the plumbing system below from the costly damage caused by uplift pressures produced by soil expansion.

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Premier carton form components that completely isolate concrete from expansive soils when used together as an integrated system.

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Carton form that has a waterproof support network, making it ideal for use in wet soil conditions during periods of inclement weather.

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Cost-effective, machine-assembled, and easy-to-handle carton form sheets that create void space under concrete structures. Only available in Canada.

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VoidForm KnockDown

VF Knock-Down™ has served the construction industry for nearly 20 years as an innovative, high-performing, and cost-competitive carton form. Only available in Canada.

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Waterproof pipe isolation system that creates a complete void space around pipes and conduits below structural slabs.

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VoidForm Products offers the most innovative and cost-effective construction products available to protect structures from the costly damage caused by expansive soils.

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