SureVoid® products are corrugated paper construction materials, commonly known as “carton forms.” They create space between concrete structures and expansive soils, thereby isolating the concrete from the swelling ground.

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SureVoid® provides a temporary support platform for concrete placement until the grade beam or structural slab above it sets and can support itself across drilled piers, pads, intermittent footings, or other concrete work. SureVoid® gradually absorbs ground moisture and loses its strength after the concrete has set, creating a space into which soil can expand without causing damage.

Product Features

For almost 40 years, SureVoid® has been manufactured for and supplied to contractors of all sizes throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can rely on the long-standing experience behind these products.


Throughout its long history, SureVoid® has been designed, developed, tested, and improved with new configurations and accessory products that keep pace with changing construction demands and customer needs.


Contractors rely on SureVoid®, the most trusted name in carton forms, to protect custom homes and subdivisions, as well as large-scale projects such as schools, hospitals, industrial complexes, and government facilities.


As America’s #1 carton form system, SureVoid® products are specified by more architects and engineers than any other. With AIA-accredited training programs, personal in-house product presentations, and accessible video presentations, SureVoid® remains the favorite choice of the design community.


SureVoid® is configured according to your specific project needs. Its unique design allows it to support nearly any concrete load when dry, yet become non-structural within days as moisture permeates the corrugated paper interior.


Lightweight and manageable, SureVoid® pieces come in a variety of strengths and sizes. Many products are designed to eliminate field-cutting around drilled piers, increasing job site safety and saving valuable time.


From start to finish, ordering SureVoid® is easy! In-house estimators review your project plans and recommend the appropriate components, which are then delivered directly to your job site or yard, often in dry trailers for on-site storage


The interior support network of SureVoid® is contained within a wax-coated exterior cover. The wax coating impedes rapid moisture absorption into the paper fibers, allowing the concrete to set sufficiently.


Aside from a very thin layer of paraffin wax, SureVoid® is completely biodegradable, unlike void material made from expanded polystyrene or metal. In addition, SureVoid® has very high recycled content, which helps to earn points on LEED-registered projects.

Product Specs

Specialized corrugated paper types that conform to specific applications.


Pre-Manufactured components that eliminate field-cutting around drilled piers.


Carton form thicknesses determined by soil PVR (Potential Vertical Rise).


Maximum concrete loads to be supported by area or application.

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