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We supply multiple unique product lines, each designed to eliminate the costly damage to concrete structures that is caused by soil expansion.

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Carton Form Systems

Carton Form Systems are designed to protect concrete structures from the costly damage caused by uplift pressures produced by soil expansion.

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Premier carton form components that completely isolate concrete from expansive soils when used together as an integrated system.

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Carton form that has a waterproof support network, making it ideal for use in wet soil conditions during periods of inclement weather.

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CaraCor™ Carton Forms

Cost-effective, machine-assembled, and easy-to-handle carton form sheets that create void space under concrete structures. Only available in Canada.

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VF Knock-Down™

VF Knock-Down™ has served the construction industry for nearly 20 years as an innovative, high-performing, and cost-competitive carton form. Only available in Canada.

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Utility Isolation Systems

Innovative systems that temporarily support plumbing and utility conduits to prevent surrounding soils from exerting pressure and causing damage.

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Waterproof pipe isolation system that creates a complete void space around pipes and conduits below structural slabs.

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Patent-pending system that effectively isolates plumbing under structural slabs to prevent damage caused by soil movement and protect the piping between the building structure and civil plumbing systems. Contact us for more information, or click here to visit the official website.

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Super Hanger

Super Hanger™ has a corrosion and maintenance-free design that supports plumbing and conduit pipes in a variety of applications from parking garage ceilings to trenched utilities below concrete structures.

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Soil Retainers

CPPP and HDPE plastic products that prevent backfill soil from migrating laterally into a newly created void space along the perimeter edge of a slab or below grade beams and walls.

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Prevent backfill soil from migrating laterally into newly created void space.

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Backfill Retainer

Prevent backfill soil from migrating laterally into the newly created void space.

Specialty Items

Explore dozens of uniquely designed specialty products that allow you to strengthen and protect your structure.

Quality You Can Count On

Our products are designed to address specific applications in which a structure needs protection from uplift pressures produced by soil expansion. They function as part of a complete system to isolate concrete from lateral or uplift pressures caused by soil movement.

We work closely with contractors and design professionals to find cost-effective solutions on a project-by-project basis while stressing the value of damage prevention over expensive repair.

Picking Up a Package

How We Do It

Powered by a robust network of plants and dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada, and an unparalleled integrated project tracking and quoting system, we are able to respond to the needs of contractors when they need our products most.

Together with a team of skilled estimators and shipping personnel, our product advisors coordinate the delivery of the proper material for each project, providing a carefree experience for every customer.

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