Eastside Water Treatment Plant

Use Case: StormVoid®
Eastside Water Treatment Plant

About the Project

The client was searching for a product that wasn’t vulnerable to changes in the weather, since that was something they were struggling to work around in their large-scale project. Eventually, they were referred to VoidForm Products and introduced to StormVoid, a product that they believed could solve their issue and save their company a lot of time.

What We Did

StormVoid is a carton form that has a waterproof interior structure that is perfect for use when weather is unpredictable. Prior to using StormVoid, the client had used corrugated paper carton forms for their projects. However, after a heavy rain ruined 5500 square feet of installed corrugated paper carton forms and rebar, the client decided to start looking into a solution.

This is where our product Storm Void came along to help. After the client laid down the new waterproof StormVoid, they were able to proceed with their project as planned. Following heavy rains that left the StormVoid product submerged for a week and a half, the product maintained its designed structural integrity and no time was lost. The client was able to safely proceed with pouring the concrete and move along with their project.

StormVoid Laid Out

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